Mini-Compressor Monday – Hallowe’en Edition

Trick or Treat!  Our sweet, albeit spooky, neighbour Frankie will drop by this week.  Chez SaturdayMP, Hallowe’en prep for the following year begins as soon as the last Jack-o-Lantern is extinguished!

This week, I experimented with which compression quality I needed to make Frankie truly scary (and not just an adorable garden ornament).

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Right off the bat, I picked a compression index of 50* and saw almost no difference, other than size of the jpeg.

  • Frankie’s scars and facial shine are still ghoulishly intact
  • The reflection on his pumpkin mask and knuckles are a little distorted
  • The veins and shadows on the vine-y leaves are very much crawl-y and ready to grab!

Dropping the compression index to 25 brought on a bit more quality loss:

  • Cheek and forehead shine could use a makeup touch up
  • Mask and knuckle reflections are a little more distorted

Drop the compression index further to 15 and you’re on your way to Hallowe’en greatness!

  • Things get a little pixel-y
  • Trick-or-treating partner, Mummyford, in the background discolours a bit
  • Shadow on the foliage looks creepier

With a compression index of 10, things are ready to roll for the yearly fright!

If you’re intentionally looking for an artsy look, Mini-Compress with a compression index of 5 and change it to be your profile picture for the rest of the month!

Using Mini-Compressor to reduce the size of your jpegs is no trick – just treats – smaller images with quality intact!

Happy Hallowe’en wherever you are!

* Not sure how to change your compression index?  Check out the Mini-Guide to Mini-Compressor.  This is where you can also learn to change the Compressed Image Suffix.  That’s the _## that I use to keep track of which compression index I’ve used.


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