Mini-Compressor Monday: Fall Favourites

For those of you in or near Edmonton, you’ll know that I’ve been longing for summer with Mini-Compressor Monday posts, and that autumn has been upon us for many weeks already.

In our mature neighbourhood, we’re fortunate to walk by big old (red and gold and orange and brown) trees on our way to school.  Being so close to the river valley, everything’s a-colour!  Even the back alleys are pretty.

(I’m not trying to sell you real estate… just Mini-Compressor!)

Today, I’ll share an album of fall favourites.  Other than continuing to showing off my favourite season in my favourite city, I want to simulate upload times for albums of full-sized photos and ones compressed by Mini-Compressor.  I’ll touch briefly on quality loss, but for the most part, I’ll leave that part up to you.  I figure this is a closer simulation to real life than just alluding to sending more than one photo.

May I present, 32 of our fall faves*.

Lovely, right?

Here are some statistics that make them even lovelier.

This blog post would be too long to post all the galleries.  To see the compressed photos, check out our Flickr site.

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Name of Photo (in alphabetical order) Size – full sized Size Compressed Image Quality = 75 Size Compressed Image Quality = 50
Autumn Colours A 3,218 KB 2,098 KB 1,420 KB
Autumn Colours B 3,320 KB 2,170 KB 1,471 KB
Autumn in the Park 3,714 KB 1,407 KB 896 KB
Autumn Walk A 4,190 KB 1,627 KB 1,042 KB
Autumn Walk B 4,050 KB 1,579 KB 1,018 KB
Autumn Walk C 4,746 KB 1,937 KB 1,313 KB
Colourful Lowbush A 3,785 KB 1,387 KB 893 KB
Colourful Lowbush B 3,531 KB 1,301 KB 847 KB
Colourful Lowbush C 3,572 KB 1,355 KB 900 KB
Colourful Lowbush D 4,243 KB 1,655 KB 1,098 KB
Creek in Autumn 3,720 KB 1,420 KB 919 KB
Harvest 2008 3,105 KB 748 KB 475 KB
Mountain Ash A 3,982 KB 1,520 KB 1,001 KB
Mountain Ash B 3,791 KB 1,444 KB 952 KB
Mountain Ash C 3,893 KB 1,441 KB 935 KB
Mountain Ash D 3,922 KB 1,477 KB 967 KB
Mountain Ash E 4,141 KB 1,580 KB 1,040 KB
Mountain Ash F 4,039 KB 1,533 KB 1,005 KB
Mountain Ash G 3,987 KB 1,519 KB 1,003 KB
October Walk 6,534 KB 2,897 KB 1,926 KB
Potatoes 2013 2,897 KB 966 KB 604 KB
Prairie Gardens 2011** 1,797 KB 924 KB 651 KB
Primary Colours A 4,238 KB 1,669 KB 1,100 KB
Primary Colours B 4,571 KB 1,832 KB 1,219 KB
Red Tree A 4,110 KB 1,568 KB 1,038 KB
Red Tree B 2,904 KB 983 KB 623 KB
Red Tree C 3,112 KB 1,069 KB 684 KB
Thanksgiving Walk A 4,243 KB 1,647 KB 1,113 KB
Thanksgiving Walk B 4,770 KB 1,902 KB 1,283 KB
Tomato Still Life A 2,072 KB 668 KB 380 KB
Tomato Still Life B 2,054 KB 667 KB 384 KB
Tree Lined Street 2,188 KB 911 KB 639 KB
Total Size of Album 115 MB 45.7 MB 30.0 MB

Upload times – timed using iPhone stopwatch:

Method of Sharing Album – full sized Album Compression Quality 75 Album Compression Quality 50
Facebook 2 minutes and 33 seconds 2 minutes and 22 seconds 2 minutes and 15 seconds
Flickr 7 minutes and 11 seconds 3 minutes and 34 seconds 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Email (Gmail) Total = 9 minutes and 13 seconds(I needed to send 5 separate emails because of Gmail’s 25MB attachment limit.  Your results may vary.) Total = 4 minutes and 23 seconds(This gallery could be split into 2 emails because of the reduced size.) Total = 3 minutes and 40 seconds(2 separate emails)

Want more numbers?

Time to compress full-sized album using compression index of 75 = 11 seconds

Time to compress full-sized album using compression index of 50 = 10 seconds

Seriously?  Spend 11 seconds to save yourself a few minutes of uploading time, not to mention the time involved in sending separate emails!

It’s astounding: the largest photo in the album is “October Walk” at a whopping 6,534 KB taken back when we had our Sony DSC-W580… compressed with an quality index of 50, you’ll notice a little bit of quality loss, but you can still pick out the colours and individual blades of grass.  That’s not too bad for a 70% reduction in size!

* Some were ones I dug out from archives and some are “fresh” from this year.

** Actually, going through old photos is eye-opening.  I’m trying to remember why we used a Konica Minolta DiMAGE X50 for Prairie Gardens in 2011…


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