Working Together – Part 1

Some people ask what’s it’s like to work with a spouse. Since we at Saturday Morning Productions are all about full disclosure and basement-basedness, I thought I’d take some time to shed light on the subject.

First of all, Chris and I don’t always work together. Yes, our desks are side-by-side in the office, but we also have day jobs that take us away from the basement so it’s not like we’re always in each other’s faces like other husband and wife teams can be.

As far as personalities go, we’re truly opposites. He has a sweet tooth and I’m more about the salty and crunchy. He’s an early riser and I’m a night owl. I like things quiet while I work and Chris might have a podcast or a movie (!) on in the background.

Now, where these differences really matter is in how we (can) complement each other. That’s complement, not compliment.

Chris is big picture. I’m detail-oriented to the nth degree. I can pound out blog posts in 2 minutes and it takes him a long time to come up with a subject*. He’s a Coder and I’m a Business Analyst. Ah-ha! There’s the rub! Years ago, in my singing days, that was the holy grail – if you were a singer and could find yourself a pianist and date/marry him, you just won yourself the lottery! Imagine the endless (and free) accompanying you’d just got! Same deal here. Chris gets someone to do what he considers grunt work (proofreading, thinking, planning, documentation, customer-support) and I get someone to fill the void that is my very basic programming skills.

Sure works well if you can look at it that way.

We can both agree that we love Saturday Morning Productions as a second born child, but we have different responsibilities in raising it. All the responsibilities are important – they just need to be divvied up so they fall on the right person to get it done.

* to be fair, our topics are very different.

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