Mini-Compressor Monday – Spring Edition continued

Well, it’s still not Monday, but it’s still Mini-Compressor season… speaking of seasons, May snow-showers bring June fruit tree flowers. We’re hoping for a bumper crop of Evans cherries and heart-shaped apples.

Feast your eyes:

Taken with iPhone 4S. Total album size = 17.6 MB

[flickr_set id=”72157645101269012″]

Let’s make-believe that the fictitious Alberta Fruit Tree Society contacted Saturday MP to send photos to help them decide whether to feature these amazing fruit trees in a fictitious article. If they decide to run the article, they will send their fictitious photographer with a really good camera to the Saturday MP house, but we need to convince them first these trees are feature-worthy. The fictitious stipulation for the photos we send it that they need to be under 5 MB.  It looks like I’ll need to use Mini-Compressor to reduce the image sizes.

I opened the Mini-Compressor Options box and set the Compressed Image Quality to “75”. With a right-click and in a matter of seconds, the 7 photos were compressed to 5.88 MB. I checked the quality of the compressed photos – not bad at all. There is virtually no quality loss. I could stand to compress just a little further to hit that 5 MB mark.

I set the Compressed Image Quality to “70” in the Mini-Compressor Options… and pulled the trigger. again. The 7 photos are now 5.05 MB. Oh, so close.

Once more, I bumped the Compressed Image Quality down a tad to “65”, clicked OK, right-clicked and yes! The 7 photos are now 4.58 MB. How’s the quality? Ready for the fictitious panel of jurors to decide.
[flickr_set id=”72157644698056257″]

Thanks for the trip down imagination lane. Now, if only trial-and-error in gardening was this easy… Stay tuned for updates on the Behemoth Garden™.

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