Mini-Compressor Monday – Spring Edition

Hello dear readers,

Here is a list of important, yet obvious, things that I would like to point out in today’s post:

  • It is not Monday
  • We have not been around the blog for a really long time
  • It’s finally Spring!

Here’s one more thing that’s not obvious, but we need to point out. We’ve re-surfaced from our winter hibernation to discover that our birthday post had a minor mistake. We didn’t turn 6. We turned 5. Still, big dreams. We partied like we turned 6, in preparation for next year.

As we are now finished hibernating, I want to share these sure signs of Spring with you. It’s so monumental, Spring is capitalized!

The first is one of DD’s school project and 3 are of our favourite sign of Spring – tulips, taken with my iPhone 4S. In total, this spring album is 13.2 MB.

[flickr_set id=”72157644918012685″]

Using Mini-Compressor, I was able to shrink the 4 photos to 4.79 MB without any quality-loss, making it easier to email these brag photos to anyone still stuck in winter! See for yourselves:

[flickr_set id=”72157644959187783″]

Thanks for stopping in. The rumours of us entering basement rehab were greatly exaggerated.

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