MM – End of the Summer Rainbow

Summer barely began here at NFTB and here we are at the end of the rainbow. The roundup includes me buying second hand camera – a Canon Eos Rebel XT – from our friend Brad. Thanks, Brad! Now can you show me how to use it?

Also, somewhere along the way the blog broke, but it was an easy fix.
Before school started for the munchkins, we relaxed at our friends’ place near Breton, Alberta, soaking in some sun and some rainbows! A double rainbow, in fact!

Taken with (new-to-me) Canon Eos Rebel XT. Total album size = 10.2 MB

I love how well this camera takes pictures – you can see every colour of the rainbow in the rainbow, and every leaf and needle on the trees! See those dark clouds? They really were that dark! And the fluffy clouds that look like heaven? They really were that three-dimensional!

I wanted to share these fabulous photos with our friends so we could reminiscence once winter hits and summer is but a memory. And to laugh at the ESP going on that night with the rainbow (ahhh, good times)

I simply selected all four photos, right-clicked, shrunk the image size and voila! There was no risk at all – unlike standing out in a thunderstorm with a camera! And it was lightning fast! (seconds)

The best part? Even after using a compression index of 80 and reducing the photo size by 79 % to 86 %, you can still see all the detail in the landscape – all the colours are still there in its brilliancy and heaven-y clouds are just as fluffy!

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