Saturday MP Show #8: Another Failure at Adding System Test for the Standard Ruby Linter ToDo Bug Fix

Similar to the previous episode I fail at adding a system test. Should I be live coding all these failures? I think so. Maybe? Do they make boring videos? Probably. Should I say “ummm” less? Most definitely.

I think there are enough highly edited videos of success already it’s good to see some failures. To remind everyone that success takes work and often wrong paths. At least that sounds better then I don’t enjoy video editing so I just post what I record with minimal changes/edits.

I also like to imagine people figuring out the problem long before I do and are yelling at the screen. Like yelling at protagonist in a horror movie. “The problem is right there! No don’t go that way! You looked directly at the problem! You are so dumb!”

Spoiler alert: I do figure out root cause. At least I think I do. We will find out in the next video. A coding cliff hanger!

Read about the bug I’m trying to fix here.

See my previous fail adding a system test in the previous episode 7:

Thanks to Test Double for creating Standard! It is a great linter for Ruby projects.

Have question you want answered in a future video? A question I should ask you? Pair on a problem? Constructive feedback? Send an email to

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