Coming… Later Part 2

Magicka - Red FireI was just talked into and/or talked my friends into purchasing Magicka.  That reminded me I had posted Part 1 of “How the Gold Master was Delayed” and I should look for Part 2. It’s nice to see a humorous look at a very stressful time for both the developer and the client.

Ideally you you should never be late but for a software project but if you are going to be late at least make the best of it. From the videos it sounds like the developers figured out what they had done wrong and worked out an achievable solution with Lord Pub Lisher.  I like the fact they choose to fix the bugs and polish the game rather then force it out the door.  While Magicka still has some technical issues it has sold well.

Next time I see a project running late I’ll have to remember these videos and make sure I work out a good solution with my client.  A solution that everyone can work with and keep the stress levels to a minimum.

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