XPlugins.iOS.BEMCheckBox v3.0.1 Released (.NET 6.0+ Support)!

BEMCheckBox Example Gif

I’m happy to announce that v3.0.1 of the XPlugins.iOS.BEMCheckBox has been released! This release updates XPlugins.iOS.BEMCheckBox so it can be used in .NET 6.0 and higher projects (e.g. net6.0-ios12). You can find the latest release on NuGet here.

You can ignore the v3.0.0 release. The NuGet package incorrectly listed the minimum iOS version as 16.1 (e.g. net6.0-ios16.1) instead of 12.0 (e.g. net6.0-ios12).

Let me know if you spot an issue or have an improvement by opening an issue.

Thank you Boris-Em for creating BEMCheckBox. Myself, and others, really appreciate it.

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