Working Together – Part 2

To continue our series on working with a spouse, today we explore how we physically work together and physically live together.

Disclaimer: this blog post is not meant to replace marriage counselling.

Work space

We share a work space, but not 100% of the time.  Our contracts take us to client sites a few days a week.  When our schedules coincide and we both end up in the basement at the same time, we still manage to get work done.  Chris is incredibly focused, and I have my headphones to help with my focus.

Other than the obvious Golden Rule “Respect one another’s time and space”, we’ve worked out ways to make the basement conducive to producing good stuff.

Comfy chairs

We have them.  We love them.

Opposites attract – part 34

Chris works best in the early mornings, and my most productive time is in the late afternoon.  We both try to leverage our peak times for some peak performance.  And remind the other basementite of these times.  Chris usually starts work early in the morning while I’m still walking DD to school.  He takes a break after lunch while I’m pounding away at whatever I’m pounding away at then when I go to pick up DD from school/chauffeur to extracurricular activities, this gives him some time/space/quiet.

Get outta here

Sometimes we get out of the basement to talk about work.  We go out for lunch and find we have the other’s full attention.  This is especially important for discussing thing that require full attention.

Living together

Believe it or not, we don’t talk about work a lot outside of the basement, with the exception of the above lunch dates.  We have our lives that are more important.  However, if there is something work related to discuss, that stays in the office or is discussed after DD goes to bed.

There you have it!  More SaturdayMP tips on living and working together with your spouse.  You’re welcome.

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