What we did this summer – 2013 edition (Mini-Compressor Monday part 1)

We ate ice cream, climbed mountains, gardened and worked.  Yeah, worked.

Aside from breaking sales records, we were also coming up with other ways to explain our wares.

So, today, we unveil: Mini-Compressor Monday*

In the vernacular of the geeky world I live in, Mini-Compressor Mondays is a series similar to “Yarned by You” and “Fashion Friday”, where the blog posts focus on the practical applications of Mini-Compressor.

Today, for our inaugural post, we present this snake, cleverly named Snake-y.

 Original Snakey
Total photo size: 1,786 KB
Taken with Olympus SZ-10

Snake-y’s photo was taken at a family reunion this July.  Needless to say, this reunion crasher was an instant celebrity.  When we returned, his photo was immediately shared.  The problem was emailing a photo that is 1,786 KB along with several other ones from the weekend.  It would take forever!  Uploading to the reunion Facebook page – along with the 48 other real stars of the show?  We estimate a good chunk of the work day!

I took Snake-y’s original photo and right-clicked on it.  Mini-Compressor did the rest of the work!

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I wasn’t sure what compression index to use and experimented.  May I present… Snakey, Compressed:


Compressed Image Quality = 75
Compressed Image Suffix = _75
File Size: 1,099 KB

Compressed Image Quality = 50
Compressed Image Suffix = _50
File Size: 738 KB

Compressed Image Quality = 35
Compressed Image Suffix = _35
File Size: 588 KB

Compressed Image Quality = 25
Compressed Image Suffix = _25
File size: 495 KB

When you look at Snakey_75, you can still see the detailing of the green and brown grass.

The same can be said for Snakey_25!  The photos are virtually identical – even the pesky date stamp in the right corner is just as brisk as the original image – without being as large a file as the original.  Now that’s time well spent!


*Hey, tell you what?  You create your own software and you can name your own blog series?  How’s that sound?

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