So Long For Now, Our Original Goal Buddy

Chris and I are late to the party, bidding our fond farewells to Stuart McLean.  But it wouldn’t be right to not pay our respects to the person who motivated us through many a chore.

Long before Saturday Morning Productions or Goal Buddy were even conceived, we were spending our Saturday mornings building a cold storage room under the stairs in our then-new house.  We can honestly say it is the opening riff of the theme music and the sound of the storyteller’s voice that encouraged us to get sawing and painting.  We even emailed him back then to let him know the impact he had on our routine.  Years later, during jam-making and harvest seasons, we have his show to thank for the completed room.

Years later, the excitement of home ownership hadn’t faded, but the thrill of housework had lost its shine, especially with our small family and the company to run during the week.  Saturday mornings became the time for  tedious tasks like cleaning bathrooms and filing.  It was Stuart’s voice that made those mornings less unpleasant – that spoonful of sugar, if you will.

We’re thankful we can still listen to old favourites on the podcast.  Not only does it get us through whatever Saturday mornings mean to us now, it serves as a reminder of what can be accomplished with a little push.

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