Odds Are you Work for a Small Business

If I was a betting man I would bet you work for a small company (99employees or less).  Odds are I would be right half the time.  How did I come up with those numbers?  Using some math and stats I found on the Internet.

About 24% of the working population are public employees (i.e. employed by government).  The remaining 76% are employed by private companies with just a hair under 70% working for a company of less then 100 employees.

Share Of Total Private Employment by Size of Business - 2015

Share of Total Private Employment by Size of Business, 2015

That means if 100 employed people are reading this blog post at the same time then:

  • 24 are Public Employees
  • 7 work at Large Companies (500+)
  • 15 work at Medium Companies (100 – 499)
  • 54 work at Small Companies (1-99)

Pro tip for job seekers: don’t just apply to large companies.  Apply to small companies you never heard of because they hire a lot more people.


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