Mini-Compressor – ing

The success of our product marketing could be measured by how well Mini-Compressor is integrated into everyday life, but more importantly, everyday language.

If I may demonstrate with a few examples:

Do you remember when Google became a noun? I do*. Now, do you remember when google became a verb?  Seriously, how often have you ‘googled’ someone or something as opposed to ‘used a search engine to find someone or something’?


Instant marketing gold!

And, if I may show my geeky side:

In my circles, there is lots of talk of Ravelry.  Just Ravel it.  Ha ha.  You get it?  And my all time hero, the Yarnharlot also coined a term – Kinnearing.

Sidenote: double-double is also there.

Could you imagine in X number of years, using Mini-Compressor to Mini-ize your grandkids’ photos?

A: What are you doing tonight?

B: Oh, I have a hundred photos from our trip. First thing I’m doing is Mini-ing them!


* Chris and I had just met (not to date ourselves)

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