Life in the Basement – Olympic Edition

It’s on! As they say in these parts, “the puck has dropped”. The 2014 Olympic Games have begun. Go, Team!

While I don’t fancy myself to be an athlete of any sort, I like to think that we basement-dwellers are similar to Olympians (no disrespect intended, of course). Of what little I know about these hard-working athletes, they’re pretty good – some are the best in their fields. Sometimes they win world titles and we don’t pay attention. It’s once every 4 years when we familiarize ourselves with their names and cheer loudly. Then after the flame is extinguished, they fade back into training and winning world titles and we return to our routines.

“How is this like the SatMP?” you ask? Are Chris and I bench pressing and landing jumps in the basement? Are we recovering from surgeries? No and no. Heck, we don’t even watch our diets! However, we work pretty hard here, and other than the soundtracks playing in the backgrounds, it’s pretty quiet. While it’s not world title material, our clients are satisfied with our work. (Our equivalent of going for the Gold, if you will) Then, every now and then, we make an announcement that rocks our world – maybe yours too, but definitely ours. That would be similar to the Olympics, wouldn’t it? Then, we fade back into obscurity and everyone goes back to their routines. Except for us, that routine is to keep getting stuff done – awesomely.

Taken with Nikon CoolPix S31:

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