Happy New Year from Saturday Morning Productions!

It’s almost time to put the Christmas decorations away, take down the lights, and finish digesting that turkey we’ve all been working on. We hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays surrounded by those you love as well.

We’ve been working on something else too (aside from that turkey, and I think I’m nearing the bottom of the roaster now) – our goal app. We’ve written about it a bit already, touching more on the technical aspects of things but also about its inception. So where are we now in the process?

“Our Little Goal-Achieving Friend” (as its come to be known) has taken on a life of its own. At the beginning of December, Ada, Alice and I all worked separately on concept sketches. What would the screen shots look like? How would things we worded? How would concepts flow from one to another? When we reconvened, we were all impressed with each other’s work, and I was particularly struck with how complementary our skill sets were. Alice’s thorough and sensitive wording really worked with the vision we have for our app. Ada’s technical acumen meant that logical flow from one step to the next made sense. I dare say my artsy side came in handy – I had a great time drawing how I imagined each screen looking. We combine the best of our collective ideas and met a week later, refining and revising our vision.

So where are we now? 2016 is around 72 hours away. Once again, I am caught by surprise that the year went by so quickly (even though I know it’s coming, it’s always a bit of a shock). I’m not one for making new year’s resolutions, but our goal at Saturday Morning Productions is to have our “Little Goal Achieving Friend” up, functional, on your phone and helping you be your best self ever. So I guess our goal is to make something that helps make goals.

That must be a meta-goal.

Happy new year, everyone!

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