Developper’s Hours

There’s a barber shop in our neighbourhood.  He’s recently cut his hours.  I’ve never met him before but I imagine he’s near retirement and would like to spend his hard earned money on trips and precious time with the grandkids.  I kinda imagine him to be like the Wealthy Barber.  Anyway.  He cut his hours.  He’s only open limited hours 4 days a week.  Ironically, his shop is next to a former bank.  I got a few laughs when I told Chris it would be funny if we could get pictures of the new barber’s hours next to the bank’s hours.

Here at Saturday MP, we don’t keep banker’s (or barber’s) hours.  Being a developper, Chris naturally gravitates to odd hours.  And odd habits.  Plus, he’s an early riser.  Me?  I’m a night owl.  My productivity is highest in the mid-afternoon, around the time Adorable Daughter gets off school, or near home time if I was in a traditional office setting.  Doh!  Chris tries to take an after-lunch nap whenever he can.  And, when it comes down to it, if there’s a deadline or something pressing, we’ll put in late hours.  And, who can forgot our namesake?  Saturday Mornings!

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