Chris, have you created that Ruby on Rails 5 project? What Does it Look Like I’m Doing!

In the above video you can replace the question with:

Chris, have created that Ruby on Rails 5 project?

What dose it look like I’m Doing!

Scene 1: Create new Ruby on Rails project using Ruby Mine.

New Ruby Mine Project

Scene 2: Try to install the Gems find out I need Ruby 2.5.

Bundler Error

Scene 3: Try to install Ruby 2.5 but it fails with a weird curl error message.

Curl Error Installing Ruby

Scene 4: With help from the world’s greatest detective I figure out my version of OpenSSL is out of date.  Try running updates to get the latest version.

Updating OpenSSL

Scene 5: Didn’t fix the problem.  Figure out the version of OpenSSL being used is the Centrify version.  Yes I always think the “which” command is “where”.  Why is the command called “which”?

Which OpenSSL

Scene 6: Investigate the best way to fix this problem.  Decide it’s easiest to update Centrify.

Upgrading Centrify Express Part 1

Upgrading Centrify Express Part 2

Upgrading Centrify Express Part 3

Scene 7: Problem is fixed and I can install Ruby 2.5.

Installed Ruby 2.5

I still need to install and/or update a couple other packages, such as nodejs, but that is what I expected.  I didn’t expect to have to waste an hour diagnosing an old OpenSSL issue.

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