Cheque or Credit Card?

Once upon a time I received an e-mail with some questions about Mini-Compressor.  I answered the fellow’s questions and he seemed happy with my answers.  Unfortunately he didn’t buy a copy of Mini-Compressor and after a bit he faded from memory.

Fast forward several weeks to my phone ringing.  I answer it and it’s the same fellow that e-mailed me – he has a very distinct and easy to remember name.  He asks me if he can buy a copy of Mini-Compressor to which I answer yes, a bit confused.  He then asks how he should pay for it.  Would I prefer a cheque or credit card?

I paused for minute as I considered his question.  Part of my hesitation was confusion but was quickly replaced with the thought of getting a real, physical cheque for Mini-Compressor.  How cool would that be?  I don’t even think I would cash it, but just frame it.  Or maybe photocopy it and frame the photocopy.

In the end I did the right thing and told him he could buy a copy on the website.  Interestingly he asked me for the url again which I happily gave him and then explained to him that you don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit card.  We then joked around about the amount of information required and if a blood sample will eventually be required for online payment and ended the call.

As you know, we at SaturdayMP would never ask you for DNA samples, but we will gladly accept payment in many forms.  We may even barter chickens!

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