Best Productivity Article

As we continue to work on Goal Buddy I’ve been reading books and research papers about goal setting and its cousin productivity.  Productivity is just a fancy word for saying “get stuff done”.

Some interesting articles/podcasts about productivity I recently read/listened to are:

Freaknomics: How to be More Productive

Joshua Kennon: The Secrets of Highly Productive People

However, these articles don’t hold a candle to this best article about productivity.  Be warned that reading this article will shake you to your core.  You will re-think how you approach work and view your co-workers in a different light.  Make sure you are sitting down.

The Onion: Study Finds Working At Work Improves Productivity

Yes it’s The Onion.  You know the joke website but it’s still a good read and sums up everything else in other articles about getting stuff done.  So quit reading this and get back to work.


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