What we did this summer (and two discoveries we made)

We’re back in the basement and in full form after a relaxing break. (Well, Ada and DD had a nice break. Chris joined us when he could.) Thanks lovely customers for allowing us time away from our email and phones.

We took a very long driving trip as well as a staycation. Along the ways, we saw how Saturday MP fit in the spectrum of industry. If you remember back to social studies class, you learned the term cottage industry. We basement-dwellers have taken it one step further and are using our primary residence as the headquarters of our multi-dollar corporation.

We witnessed a few other examples of thriving businesses that are trying to copy our model.

While on our trip to Victoria, BC we took in Fisherman’s Wharf, a charming tourist area! There, you’ll find moored houseboats and a few of them have business operating out of their main floors. That’s where we became acquainted with a fine gentleman by the name of Jackson. You may know him as Jackson’s Ice Cream Float. While SaturdayMP headquarters are hardly as aesthetically (or gastronomically) appealing, we also operate our bread and butter from our lower-most floor.

We made our annual visit to Fort Edmonton Park and marveled at the blacksmith’s shop and bakery downstairs and living quarters upstairs. Perhaps one day we will also make it into the history books in more ways than one!

We hope you enjoyed your summer as well, and more importantly learned something valuable.

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