Welcome, Alice!

Hello everyone! You must have thought we’ve dropped off the face of the earth, with our last real post being from September…

We’re still around.

  1. Mini-Compressor is still alive and well.
  2. Chris has been working away on a secret project (shhh).
  3. Ada, in between answering customer Mini-Compressor support questions, briefly forayed into the restaurant world at Battista’s Calzone Company.

Although SaturdayMP and Battista’s are very different, we found both are very similar as well:

Saturday Morning Productions Battista’s Calzones
One product that users loooooove One product (9 menu items, all calzones) – renowned
Fiercely proud of product and service Fiercely proud of product and service
Small, family-run Small, partner-run

We also learned one key lesson: you cannot do it all!

During Battista’s busy times, it was impossible for the two owners to handle queues of hungry customers out the door, fill wholesale orders,  and still take vacations! That’s why they hired Ada to help around the shop – to get calzones to the people!

While we may not be exactly facing hungry mobs here in the SaturdayMP basement, we found we were lacking the punch and stamina needed to get the word out about our great product, Mini-Compressor, and still so the necessary day-to-day and coding stuff.

So, we’ll be working with Alice to help better market Mini-Compressor to the masses. Make sure everyone is compressing images to their highest potential! Drop a “hi” to Alice when you have a chance.

Welcome Alice! We hope you enjoy your adventures in Saturday MP Wonderland!

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