Today I Learned The Final Backslash is Important in Apache HTTPS Redirects

Lets start with the bug:

When requesting a download link via the Downloads page the link that is sent via e-mail is invalid.  It is missing a slash.

1) Enter a e-mail on the Downloads page ( that has already purchased Mini-Compressor.

2) E-mail should be sent but the link in the e-mail is incorrect.  For example the link I got was:


There should be a slash after the

But when I looked closer at the actual e-mail, the link was correct.  It looked like:

It had the slash after the “.com” but was missing the www and didn’t have HTTPS.  At first I thought the problem was the missing www but I was wrong.  The problem was in the redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.  Lets take a look at the apache site config file for Saturday MP where the redirect lives.

<VirtualHost *:80>
  Redirect permanent /

<VirtualHost *:443>
  # HTTPS config settings ...

Notice the slash is missing at the end of the redirect?  That is the problem.  To fix it add a backslash so the redirect looks like:

Redirect permanent /

After you add the backslash don’t forget to reboot your webserver, which I did.  You will also have to clear your browser cache, which I didn’t do.  It took me another hour to figure out the above fix actually did work because I didn’t clear out my browser cache.  Always clear our your browser cache when testing websites.

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