The Taxman

Well, it’s that time of year in the SaturdayMP basement… The tax deadline for filing 2009 personal taxes in Canada is April 30

We’re slowly gathering dusty papers to send to our accountants, the fine folks at Every Bean Counts (great name!)

Before SaturdayMP and the olden days of High C consulting, we did our own taxes using personal tax software and NETFILEd the paperwork then headed to the bank. If we were prepared, we’d have the correct crumbled up piece of paper with the (correct) amount we owed scribbled on it. There, the teller would stamp it several times, emphatically, then withdraw the money from our accounts in no time.

It was really efficient with the exception of 2007 when too many taxpayers with the internet crashed NETFILE… anyway, it’s a little too efficient for my tastes: it’s so cruel to consider it takes a full 365.25 days to earn the money and literally seconds to suck it out of the account.

PS My favourite episode of Corner Gas was “The Taxman”. If you haven’t seen it yet, go rent Season 1.

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