PSA: Arduino H Bridge is Sharp and Pointy

Just a quick public service announcement (PSA) that the Arduino H Bridge is sharp and pointy.  Both my daughter and myself hurt our fingers but only I was lucky enough to draw blood when one of the H Bridge pins got stuck under my finger nail.  I mean look at this insect looking pointy bastard.

H Bridge Top

H Bridge Bottom

All that pain and blood was worth it as we did finally get the lesson 10 (Zoetrope) from the Arduino Start Kit working.  We couldn’t get the example as shown in the book to work because we didn’t understand how the H Bridge worked.

Lesson 10 Zeotrope

With help from this article (with a handy diagram) we figured out the H Bridge and got the motor to spin.

Special thanks to Startup Edmonton for hosting us on their Monthly Hack Day.

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