Let’s be honest.  Sales of Mini-Compressor have been steady, but what we really want is 4 bazillion people to buy a copy and tell 2 friends.  Then we can have bags with dollar signs on them!  And build our dream garage*.

Dollar Signs

We’ve been working our little brains to think of ways to market our flagship product, on a basement level budget, and this is what we’ve come up**

  • $0.05 off coupon for Mini-Wheats when you purchase a copy of Mini-Compressor
  • Chris will eat a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs when you click that Buy Now button (OK, this one will end up costing us money)
  • Saturday MP will buy the cutest car ever made, a little Mini Cooper, when the 2 gabillionth copy of Mini-Compressor is sold
  • Chris and Ada will take turns saying the words “Mac Mini” for every copy sold
  • Send customers previously loved copies of Mini Pops albums.  Used record stores are probably littered with them!

* Among other things on our “things-to-spend-money-on list”.  You know, while we’re being honest.

** OK, we didn’t say they were good.  Just ideas.  Our ideas.

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