Mini-Gifting (Tips)

Today’s Mini-Compressor Monday has been replaced by tips coinciding with Cyber-Monday and the upcoming Holiday gift-giving season, known as December.

Some customers have told us they will recommend Mini-Compressor to someone in the future, or better yet, already have made the recommendation.  Why stop at a recommendation?  Why not buy a copy for your someone else?  Well… because, Wise SatMPers, you and your basement don’t give us a way to buy now as a gift…


Instead, here is what you can do.  Advance apologies for the multi-steps.  We also wish it was a one-click process.

1)      Click on the Buy Now button, as you would buy for yourself.

2)      You will receive your confirmation email with download link: do NOT click on the download link.

3)      Instead, reply to the email and tell us the name and email address of the person you’d like to give your copy to.

4)      We will take care of the rest: we’ll update the customer database with your recipient’s name and email and send a mini-guide and download instructions to your recipient.  Gift-wrapping is extra.

I’ll also take this opportunity to remind our customers that the Mini-Compressor software license allows unlimited downloads by individuals in household – this allows you and all of the people living in the same physical household, such as spouses, family members, roommates and well-trained pets who dwell with you (but not everyone in your apartment building or condominium; they can buy their own licenses) to install and use the Software on as many computers as there are within that household for non-commercial purposes.

Gifting Q & A:

Q1) Why can’t I enter my recipient’s email address when buying?

A1) This creates possible problems with PayPal who could flag this as fraud.  That’s not what we want.

Q2) Why can’t I click on the download link in my confirmation e-mail?

A2) The download is counted as a download and that becomes your copy of Mini-Compressor.  You don’t want to use something before your friend opens it, do you?

Happy gift-giving!  We hope we’ve made your shopping easier.  Let us know if you have questions.

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