Holiday Cheer

Saturday Morning Productions has saved up its hard earned pennies from the proceeds of mini-compressor for its first ever Staff Christmas Party! We love parties! Well, this party will be pretty quiet since there are only 2 staff members .

In the past, we’ve worked at all sorts of firms and participated in their Christmas parties. Once, during the dot-com boom, we were both flown to Cleveland to celebrate Christmas with other employees and their spouses. We’ve also been invited snowmobiling and dinner and at the boss’s house. A more rukus one featured a fight between 2 staff members in the parking lot of a rather upscale hotel. That one was especially funny because the company had hired a band to play at the party. The band consisted of members from a local media station. The local media was ready in the parking lot to report on the brawl. Fun times.

No sireee, ours will be more subdued.

I designed the invitations to look like this:

You and your spouse are cordially invited to The
Saturday Morning Productions Christmas Party
where the food and drinks will flow freely.

 When: (Date in December that’s not too busy and babysitting is available)

Where: (A nice restaurant we’ve enjoyed in the past)

Please RSVP

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