Family Vacation is Over

Our family vacation is over and the basement is back open for business.  Actually we where open on Monday but I forgot to remove the digital closed signed.  Sorry about that.

On this trip we visited Hong Kong and Shanghai, spending about a week in each city.  This is our second time to Honk Kong and we got to see and do things we missed on our first visit.  This includes hanging out at a beach and swimming, hiking the highest mountain in Hong Kong, a helicopter ride (sponsored by our daughter who saved her money for a year), and visiting the highest building in Hong Kong.

This was our first time to Shanghai and it contrasts nicely with Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is hilly and the population is concentrated in small pockets on the flatter parts.  Shanghai is flat with less hi-rises.  It reminds me of LA, a flat city that stretches for miles.

We stayed near the historic Old Town and did the usual tourist things like visiting People’s Square, toured The Bund, and looked out over Shanghai half a kilometer in the sky in the Shanghai Tower (the second highest building in the world).

Finally we visited both Hong Kong Disneyland, for a second time, and Shanghai Disneyland.  That means we have visited three of the six Disney Resorts having visited the original Disneyland in California in the past.  We have a family goal to visit all six Disney Resorts before my darling daughter turns 18 to help her become an Imagineer.  That and we really like the Disney parks.

Walt Disney Imagineering Logo

Thank you for your patience during our absence.  We have settled into our normal routine and look forward to serving you with refreshed enthusiasm.

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