Another Basement Dweller?


I should introduce myself. I’m Ada, co-founder of Saturday MP. By co-founder, it basically means Chris asked me if he could start a company and I (finally) said yes.

Chris has given me permission to post to the blog. This may be a mistake because I seem innocent but I can also have a perverse sense of humour. While I’m no stranger to computers, the internet nor the blog-world, the circles I run in tend to revolve around knit blogs and ravelry. There, I’ve shown my true colours. You want more? I. Am. Canadian. I spell “Canadian” so you’ll see a lot of “u’s” in my posts. Chris doesn’t care as much – he’s Canadian too, but let’s face it, he doesn’t worry too much about spelling.

So, you’ll know if I’m posting because of the spelling, the motherly touch I give to the posts but really, the lack of tehcnical-ese content. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of geekiness (first computer was a Vic20 with tape drive, I loved my Q-BASIC programming courses, first e-mail viewer was PINE, and I can probably still navigate around in AIX), but the point of the blog is to shine a bit of light on the glamourous world of basement-based software development. It’s not all sunshine and roses (especially not in the basement) but it can be exciting. If it’s something that you’re considering, we hope you follow along.


I like to share funny stories to break the ice.

Before we collaborated on SaturdayMP, I had my own company, a sole proprietorship. I had a business number and I billed under the name “High C Consulting”. I repeatedly “score” an off the chart C on the DiSC profile analysis. Plus, I’m a singer. Yes, I can reach that high C. Sometimes when we’re being funny between our 4 walls, we refer to the company as “wrong-notes consulting” or “off-key consulting”.

I thought you’d appreciate my humour.

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