Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

I treasure our life together as father and child! I have learned to love and laugh through our experiences together. From our time together, you have made me want to become a better person!!!

Thank you for everything and love you!!!


Feel free to compress pic by using the Mini-Compressor!

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Dear Mom…

What does it mean to have a mother? Every mother is very special in our lives.

She has been a champion throughout our good and lessons that we have had to go through with her support and encouragement.

Lets celebrate Mother’s Day by remembering and cherishing our mothers and what she has done for each of us. Send a message with a picture of your favorite memory with her and you with your picture compressed via the Mini-Compressor!

Moms would love to re-live the special moment that made us the way we are today.      :)

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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Welcome, Alice!

Hello everyone! You must have thought we’ve dropped off the face of the earth, with our last real post being from September…

We’re still around.

  1. Mini-Compressor is still alive and well.
  2. Chris has been working away on a secret project (shhh).
  3. Ada, in between answering customer Mini-Compressor support questions, briefly forayed into the restaurant world at Battista’s Calzone Company.

Although SaturdayMP and Battista’s are very different, we found both are very similar as well:

Saturday Morning Productions Battista’s Calzones
One product that users loooooove One product (9 menu items, all calzones) – renowned
Fiercely proud of product and service Fiercely proud of product and service
Small, family-run Small, partner-run

We also learned one key lesson: you cannot do it all!

During Battista’s busy times, it was impossible for the two owners to handle queues of hungry customers out the door, fill wholesale orders,  and still take vacations! That’s why they hired Ada to help around the shop – to get calzones to the people!

While we may not be exactly facing hungry mobs here in the SaturdayMP basement, we found we were lacking the punch and stamina needed to get the word out about our great product, Mini-Compressor, and still so the necessary day-to-day and coding stuff.

So, we’ll be working with Alice to help better market Mini-Compressor to the masses. Make sure everyone is compressing images to their highest potential! Drop a “hi” to Alice (alice.chu at saturdaymp.com) when you have a chance.

Welcome Alice! We hope you enjoy your adventures in Saturday MP Wonderland!

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Saturday MP turns 6 – for real!

Again? Didn’t we just have a 6th birthday this time last year? We re-crunched some numbers and re-calibrated our maths. Today is when we should have put 6 candles on the cake. We knew we were older than we looked.

SatMP 6th birthday cake

Birthday Cake for everyone!

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MM – End of the Summer Rainbow

Summer barely began here at NFTB and here we are at the end of the rainbow. The roundup includes me buying second hand camera – a Canon Eos Rebel XT – from our friend Brad. Thanks, Brad! Now can you show me how to use it?

Also, somewhere along the way the blog broke, but it was an easy fix.
Before school started for the munchkins, we relaxed at our friends’ place near Breton, Alberta, soaking in some sun and some rainbows! A double rainbow, in fact!

Taken with (new-to-me) Canon Eos Rebel XT. Total album size = 10.2 MB

I love how well this camera takes pictures – you can see every colour of the rainbow in the rainbow, and every leaf and needle on the trees! See those dark clouds? They really were that dark! And the fluffy clouds that look like heaven? They really were that three-dimensional!

I wanted to share these fabulous photos with our friends so we could reminiscence once winter hits and summer is but a memory. And to laugh at the ESP going on that night with the rainbow (ahhh, good times)

I simply selected all four photos, right-clicked, shrunk the image size and voila! There was no risk at all – unlike standing out in a thunderstorm with a camera! And it was lightning fast! (seconds)

The best part? Even after using a compression index of 80 and reducing the photo size by 79 % to 86 %, you can still see all the detail in the landscape – all the colours are still there in its brilliancy and heaven-y clouds are just as fluffy!

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Mini-Compressor Monday – Spring Edition continued

Well, it’s still not Monday, but it’s still Mini-Compressor season… speaking of seasons, May snow-showers bring June fruit tree flowers. We’re hoping for a bumper crop of Evans cherries and heart-shaped apples.

Feast your eyes:

Taken with iPhone 4S. Total album size = 17.6 MB

Let’s make-believe that the fictitious Alberta Fruit Tree Society contacted Saturday MP to send photos to help them decide whether to feature these amazing fruit trees in a fictitious article. If they decide to run the article, they will send their fictitious photographer with a really good camera to the Saturday MP house, but we need to convince them first these trees are feature-worthy. The fictitious stipulation for the photos we send it that they need to be under 5 MB.  It looks like I’ll need to use Mini-Compressor to reduce the image sizes.

I opened the Mini-Compressor Options box and set the Compressed Image Quality to “75”. With a right-click and in a matter of seconds, the 7 photos were compressed to 5.88 MB. I checked the quality of the compressed photos – not bad at all. There is virtually no quality loss. I could stand to compress just a little further to hit that 5 MB mark.

I set the Compressed Image Quality to “70” in the Mini-Compressor Options… and pulled the trigger. again. The 7 photos are now 5.05 MB. Oh, so close.

Once more, I bumped the Compressed Image Quality down a tad to “65”, clicked OK, right-clicked and yes! The 7 photos are now 4.58 MB. How’s the quality? Ready for the fictitious panel of jurors to decide.

Thanks for the trip down imagination lane. Now, if only trial-and-error in gardening was this easy… Stay tuned for updates on the Behemoth Garden™.

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Mini-Compressor Monday – Spring Edition

Hello dear readers,

Here is a list of important, yet obvious, things that I would like to point out in today’s post:

  • It is not Monday
  • We have not been around the blog for a really long time
  • It’s finally Spring!

Here’s one more thing that’s not obvious, but we need to point out. We’ve re-surfaced from our winter hibernation to discover that our birthday post had a minor mistake. We didn’t turn 6. We turned 5. Still, big dreams. We partied like we turned 6, in preparation for next year.

As we are now finished hibernating, I want to share these sure signs of Spring with you. It’s so monumental, Spring is capitalized!

The first is one of DD’s school project and 3 are of our favourite sign of Spring – tulips, taken with my iPhone 4S. In total, this spring album is 13.2 MB.

Using Mini-Compressor, I was able to shrink the 4 photos to 4.79 MB without any quality-loss, making it easier to email these brag photos to anyone still stuck in winter! See for yourselves:

Thanks for stopping in. The rumours of us entering basement rehab were greatly exaggerated.

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MM – Heart-shaped Delicacy Edition

We know it’s not Monday, but if you have any doubt as to what heart-themed holiday it is today, check your local retail store!

This little darling came off our apple tree a few years ago, and I couldn’t resist immortalizing it.

Taken with Sony DSC-W580:

There you go! With Mini-Compressor, you get all the sweetness with no quality loss (even with a compression index of 50)

Happy February 14, everyone!

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Saturday MP celebrates its 6th Birthday!

Today, Saturday MP celebrates its 6th birthday. Thanks for coming on this amazing journey with us!  Here’s to smaller pictures but not smaller dreams!

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MM – More Winter Fun

This weekend, the SatMP crew headed to the Flying Canoe Adventure.  We bundled up, hoping to see some pretty lights, expecting to jump back in the car after 20 minutes. Instead, we stayed for 3 hours and had a blast! We took in horse-drawn wagon rides, kick-sledding, bannock, music, tobogganing, flying canoes and created endless memories!

I sadly only took 3 pictures on my iPhone 4S:

Using a Mini-Compressor compression index of 90:

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