MM – Heart-shaped Delicacy Edition

We know it’s not Monday, but if you have any doubt as to what heart-themed holiday it is today, check your local retail store!

This little darling came off our apple tree a few years ago, and I couldn’t resist immortalizing it.

Taken with Sony DSC-W580:

There you go! With Mini-Compressor, you get all the sweetness with no quality loss (even with a compression index of 50)

Happy February 14, everyone!

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Saturday MP celebrates its 6th Birthday!

Today, Saturday MP celebrates its 6th birthday. Thanks for coming on this amazing journey with us!  Here’s to smaller pictures but not smaller dreams!

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MM – More Winter Fun

This weekend, the SatMP crew headed to the Flying Canoe Adventure.  We bundled up, hoping to see some pretty lights, expecting to jump back in the car after 20 minutes. Instead, we stayed for 3 hours and had a blast! We took in horse-drawn wagon rides, kick-sledding, bannock, music, tobogganing, flying canoes and created endless memories!

I sadly only took 3 pictures on my iPhone 4S:

Using a Mini-Compressor compression index of 90:

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Life in the Basement – Olympic Edition

It’s on! As they say in these parts, “the puck has dropped”. The 2014 Olympic Games have begun. Go, Team!

While I don’t fancy myself to be an athlete of any sort, I like to think that we basement-dwellers are similar to Olympians (no disrespect intended, of course). Of what little I know about these hard-working athletes, they’re pretty good – some are the best in their fields. Sometimes they win world titles and we don’t pay attention. It’s once every 4 years when we familiarize ourselves with their names and cheer loudly. Then after the flame is extinguished, they fade back into training and winning world titles and we return to our routines.

“How is this like the SatMP?” you ask? Are Chris and I bench pressing and landing jumps in the basement? Are we recovering from surgeries? No and no. Heck, we don’t even watch our diets! However, we work pretty hard here, and other than the soundtracks playing in the backgrounds, it’s pretty quiet. While it’s not world title material, our clients are satisfied with our work. (Our equivalent of going for the Gold, if you will) Then, every now and then, we make an announcement that rocks our world – maybe yours too, but definitely ours. That would be similar to the Olympics, wouldn’t it? Then, we fade back into obscurity and everyone goes back to their routines. Except for us, that routine is to keep getting stuff done – awesomely.

Taken with Nikon CoolPix S31:

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MM – Ringing in the Year of the Horse

This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year at a Carnival! January 31, 2014 begins the Year of the Horse, which is supposed to be a year for quick successes! We wish you all quick successes in your endeavors.

Us here, we’re enjoying our success, though it hasn’t been quick –we’ll be celebrating Saturday Morning Productions’s 6th birthday in February… (Think of all the things you’ve worked on for 6 years). Here’s when we thank our Mini-Compressor customers and wonderful clients for helping us to build our success story!

Anyway, back to the Carnival.

Among the many martial arts demonstrations, dances and contests, hands down, our favourite performances of the weekend were the Lion Dances. They were so awesome and lifelike! They inspired DD to imitate it at home with her stuffed lion, complete with throwing candy and a scroll. Awwwwww. Equally as cute were the Junior Lions with their out-of-sync way of ringing in the New Year and spreading cheer!

Onto the pictures: here are 8 (8 is lucky) photos of the festivities, taken on my iPhone 4.

Click to view.

Lions and ScrollsLion Dance 1Lion Dance 2Junior Lions 1Junior Lions 2Junior Lions 3Homemade Lion DanceDragon

Total Album Size = 19.4 MB

If I was the sharing type, I’d compress these with a simple right-click and email an album half the size, with – say it with me now – little quality loss.  How’s that for “junior lions”?

Lions and Scrolls_90Lion Dance 1_90Lion Dance 2_90Junior Lions 1_90Junior Lions 2_90Junior Lions 3_90Homemade Lion Dance_90Dragon_90

Total Album Size = 10.8 MB

We hope you enjoy your Chinese New Year’s Eve, and party like it’s the Year of the Snake!

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MM – A warm up tale

Those of you in this part of the world will know Edmonton was lucky enough to escape that nasty phenomenon known as the Polar Vortex(TM) 2014 that happened last week. However, those of you who know of this part of the world will know we’ve suffered through sub-zero temperature for weeks now (with no catchy brand-name, other than the tag known as “Winter”)*.

The SatMP family ventured out of the basement and took advantage of the mild temperatures by visiting the Deep Freeze Festival.  It was a lot of fun.

Here are 3 notable shots taken with my iPhone 4: a Norse god Snow Sculpture and 2 of ‘the kids’ experiencing a traditional Quebecois Cabane a Sucre.

Norse Guy  Full Size = 1.99 MB

Norse Guy
Full Size = 1.99 MB

Yum  Full Size = 2.01 MB

Full Size = 2.01 MB

Cabane a Sucre  Full Size = 1.86 MB

Cabane a Sucre
Full Size = 1.86 MB

Like the time it took for that maple syrup to be slurped up, it also only took seconds to compress the photos (with no quality loss**):

Norse Guy_90  Compressed Size = 1.13 MB

Norse Guy_90
Compressed Size = 1.13 MB

Yum_90  Compressed Size = 1.07 MB

Compressed Size = 1.07 MB

Cabane a Sucre_90  Compressed Size = 0.97 MB

Cabane a Sucre_90
Compressed Size = 0.97 MB

We hope you’re find ways to keep warm in your parts of the world!

* And those of you know really know Edmonton, know that we’re wise enough to both embrace Winter as well as curse it. Go Festival City!

** In fact check out the fuzzy horn things on Norse Guy’s helmet.  Still impressively fuzzy.

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Happy New Year, everyone!

January is the first month of the New Year. The word January comes from the Latin word janua which means doorway.  Those of you versed in Roman gods may be familiar with Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions.

January, my friends, is the year’s doorway, an entrance into a bright new beginning!

What does that mean here at SatMP headquarters?

Not a whole lot.*  Yes, we received some new toys over Christmas including a shiny new kitchen appliance.  On that front, we plan on cooking up the good times.  We’ll continue cooking up great things in the basement as well (Mini-Compressor is always ready to ship).  Stay tuned for continued greatness.

* We owe respect to those of you who have take an “out with the old and in with the new” attitude.  We’re just not about to change anything good for the sake of changing.

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MM – Holiday Cheer

Our dear friend Brad at has kindly loaned us some holiday cheer to share for our final Mini-Compressor Monday of 2013.  DD will have 2 weeks off from school and we fully intend to enjoy some family time, and take in all the celebrations that come our way.

It looks here that Brad and his crew enjoyed some family time earlier this month: here are 12 lovely shots taken at the Edmonton Festival of Trees*.

Total album size = 25.6 MB**

Camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS

Can You See RobotFestival of Trees from Brad 01Festival of Trees from Brad 02Festival of Trees from Brad 03Festival of Trees from Brad 05Festival of Trees from Brad 06Festival of Trees from Brad 08Festival of Trees from Brad 09Festival of Trees from Brad 10Festival of Trees from Brad 11Festival of Trees from Brad 12Festival of Trees from Brad 13

Images courtesy

To compress all the photos, I simply right-clicked on the folder containing them and chose “Mini-Compressor” from the menu.  It compressed the whole folder in a matter of seconds.  And as I always sing, there is very little quality-loss with the compression.  I chose an index of 90.  Look and see if you can tell the full-sized “Can You See What I See? robot” side-by-side with the compressed versions.  For fun, I threw in one compressed with an index of 80.

Robot Full Sized Size = 4.39 MBRobot_90 Compression Index = 90 Size = 1.21 MBRobot_80 Compression Index = 80 Size = 859 KB

That’s like “light” cream cheese, or “light” eggnog!  Enjoy the festivities without all the calories!

All of us here in the Saturday MP basement want to send you some warm and happy holiday wishes!  Thank you for spending 2013 with us and we’ll see you in 2014.

*I took DD one year – I think she was still in a stroller those days and if she wasn’t, she was still pretty little.  Ah, the memories.

**Brad sent the pics my way via Dropbox, rather than email.  That was pretty simple (I’ve used it before and I have an account).

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MM – In the Spirit

One thing that I love about Mini-Compressor Monday is looking through our expansive photo archive for ‘just the right’ photos to share.  Today’s medley features trees and greenery from Christmas present and past.  And let me tell ya how quickly nostalgia sets in for those of us with young children!

Total album size: 20.5 MB

Cameras: vary from Canon EOS 20D to Konica Minolta DiMAGE G530 to Konica Minolta DiMAGE X50 to iPhone 4S*

Even by using a Compression Index of 90, the total album size was a manageable 13.4 MB with very little quality loss.

The largest pictures were the ones taken in 2006 by a photographer friend.  She used her Canon, which produced awesome results, but translated to huge file sizes.  To reduce the file sizes for sharing (you know, grandparents and cousin…), I bumped the compression index down to 90 and 80.  You can still see the pudginess of that little girl’s wrists and the little boo-boo on her left wrist.  For the stuffies shot, you can still see the individual furs on that penguins earmuffs.  What more could you want for festive pictures?

Don’t believe me?  Here they are side-by-side:

We hope you’re in the spirit wherever you are!  And sharing lots of photos!  ‘Tis the season!

* Speaking of cameras past… we’ve sure gone through quite a few over the years!

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Mini-Gifting (Tips)

Today’s Mini-Compressor Monday has been replaced by tips coinciding with Cyber-Monday and the upcoming Holiday gift-giving season, known as December.

Some customers have told us they will recommend Mini-Compressor to someone in the future, or better yet, already have made the recommendation.  Why stop at a recommendation?  Why not buy a copy for your someone else?  Well… because, Wise SatMPers, you and your basement don’t give us a way to buy now as a gift…


Instead, here is what you can do.  Advance apologies for the multi-steps.  We also wish it was a one-click process.

1)      Click on the Buy Now button, as you would buy for yourself.

2)      You will receive your confirmation email with download link: do NOT click on the download link.

3)      Instead, reply to the email and tell us the name and email address of the person you’d like to give your copy to.

4)      We will take care of the rest: we’ll update the customer database with your recipient’s name and email and send a mini-guide and download instructions to your recipient.  Gift-wrapping is extra.

I’ll also take this opportunity to remind our customers that the Mini-Compressor software license allows unlimited downloads by individuals in household – this allows you and all of the people living in the same physical household, such as spouses, family members, roommates and well-trained pets who dwell with you (but not everyone in your apartment building or condominium; they can buy their own licenses) to install and use the Software on as many computers as there are within that household for non-commercial purposes.

Gifting Q & A:

Q1) Why can’t I enter my recipient’s email address when buying?

A1) This creates possible problems with PayPal who could flag this as fraud.  That’s not what we want.

Q2) Why can’t I click on the download link in my confirmation e-mail?

A2) The download is counted as a download and that becomes your copy of Mini-Compressor.  You don’t want to use something before your friend opens it, do you?

Happy gift-giving!  We hope we’ve made your shopping easier.  Let us know if you have questions.

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